A.N.T.S.- American National Transportation System 

A.N.T.S., The American National Transportation System combines three systems that we currently do not have in America. A high speed interstate rail system; a True National Electrical Energy Grid, and a Secure Communications Network. This new project is a 3 in 1 system that operates on a platform built above the surface and constructed over connected routes from coast to coast and border to border. If you are thinking it sounds similar to America's Interstate Highway System, you would be correct. It is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly system that transports energy, communication, and people over a True National Transportation Grid (Click on pictures below for additional information).
America does not have a National Energy Grid, yet. A.N.T.S. will create our National Energy Grid and it will be able to supply energy to the three major regional grids that do exist, and provide electrical energy to other areas that need it on an emergency or even a regular basis. Renewable & Traditional Energy Sources would be collected and carried on the A.N.T.S. platform and the electrical power could be used to supply power to a cities utility system experiencing a problem. 
FAST, SAFE, Passenger Service operating ABOVE the Surface on the A.N.T.S. platform, means no crossings and efficient operations. Interstate High Speed Rail (HSR) will provide travel options for America and competition to the airlines, helping to keep travel costs down, and reducing congestion on the interstate highways.  
Cables, Transmission Lines, Fiber Optics will be carried on A.N.T.S. This will provide rural America and other areas with Voice, Video, and Internet communication services as many of our larger cities do. Access will be FAST, SECURE and ECONOMICAL. It will provide NEW or existing carriers with the ability to cover many geographical areas that SATELITES do not serve. Further, existing systems can be configured to use the A.N.T.S. communication facilities to handle their phone and other services if and when their satellite network is compromised. The A.N.T.S. facilities will be far less susceptible to hacking, or loss of satellite coverage. Finally, more carriers and businesses would have an opportunity to exist and this means COMPETITION. COSTS will go down, for the producers and CONSUMERS.
Leaders: We need people from the private and public sectors to step up and go to bat for America. Support those who do so, whether they belong to your political party or not.  Let's take the politics out of Job Creation!
A.N.T.S. establishes a new transportation grid that operates just above the surface. This design is environmentally friendly with a small footprint. It even addresses agricultural concerns as it does not segregate farm and ranch lands; it goes over these issues. The energy and communication cables are contained inside and under the structure which makes it more appealing than the high tower transmission system shown (above).  From a distance the platform resembles a highway overpass. There will be many more jobs within each state to build and operate Passenger, Energy, and Communication Centers that are connected to the A.N.T.S. transportation grid.    

Funding: How will it be paid for? Hopefully, not just with tax payer dollars. Governments are getting projects funded with PPP, or Private, Public, Partnerships, where business people, investors fund these projects and get a return on their investment over several years. In fact if Corporations repatriate money back to America, why not put that money to work by investing in the American National Transportation System.