A.N.T.S.- American National Transportation System 

The American National Transportation System is a Job Creation Project that will reinvigorate manufacturing and create millions of private sector jobs. This new infrastructure project is a 3 in 1 system that operates on a platform built above the surface and constructed over routes from coast to coast and border to border. It is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly system that transports energy, communication, and people over a True National Transportation Grid (Click on pictures for additional information).  PLUS, A.N.T.S. is much less impacted by weather.   Think About It.
Renewable & Traditional Energy Sources would be carried on A.N.T.S.
Fast, Safe, High Speed Transportation above ground: no railroad crossings!
Communication Cables, Lines, Fiber Optics would be carried on A.N.T.S.
Leaders: We need people from the private and public sectors to step up and go to bat for America. Support those who do so, whether they belong to your political party or not.  Let's take the politics out of Job Creation!
Just the initial 5 national routes(many more would be required): directly creates 2.0* Million JOBS in planning, designing, engineering, materials, manufacturing, and construction. Jobs in all skill levels!  High School, Trade School, and College Graduates will be needed for decades. The ripple effect from this will create millions of additional indirect jobs in industries supported by these new workers alone.  This will establish a connected grid all across America. See the maps in the book for a look at the initial and entire route structure that creates the A.N.T.S. Transportation Grid. Once the initial routes are underway start five more and millions of additional workers are needed, not to mention the thousands of jobs needed within these states to link their existing and new infrastructure to the A.N.T.S. grid.  Note: existing carriers like AMTRAK could operate on the A.N.T.S. platform using modern high speed rail equipment or continue using their current equipment and operations. The operators using the A.N.T.S. platform would compete for passengers in the same manner that airline carriers like Southwest, Jet Blue, United and others compete for passengers business. In fact there could be instances where transportation companies might operate both air and rail passenger operations. Think about it?

*Additional information on the calculations for this estimate are available in the A.N.T.S. Book; see the ABOUT tab for addtional information.
A.N.T.S. establishes a new transportation grid that operates just above the surface. This design is environmentally friendly with a small footprint. It even addresses agricultural concerns as it does not segregate farm and ranch lands; it goes over these issues. The energy and communication cables are contained inside and under the structure which makes it more appealing than the high tower transmission system shown (above).  From a distance the platform resembles a highway overpass. There will be many more jobs within each state to build and operate Passenger, Energy, and Communication Centers that are connected to the A.N.T.S. transportation grid.

Think about it?
A.N.T.S. is about: Hope, Jobs, Opportunity, and Economics!​  Hope for a secure and brighter future for all of us. I believe history is a window to the future, and  if you think about it, our country has often excelled economically when some major event or large project was the focal point: transcontinental railroad, interstate highway system, and the space program. It is just common sense. I hope you will review and consider this idea and if you agree take some Action.

Funding: How will it be paid for? Not with tax payer dollars. States are getting projects done the old fashion way these days; it is called Private, Public, Partnerships, where business folks, investors fund these projects and get a return on their investment over several years. The same method that built our country in the first place. The current President favors P3 funding and so do most of the other presidents. The federal government is in debt (see TOP TEN tab) and cannot afford to fund large projects like this. Again, it is just common sense. See ACTION tab for info on P3's. Think about it.

Jobs: The A.N.T.S. project will create millions of jobs in the private sector and even some in the public area. It can eliminate or at minimum greatly reduce the unemployment problem in America. Our country needs to come together in more ways than one, and A.N.T.S. can help us do this. 

Opportunity: A.N.T.S. will provide the missing link to our national passenger transportation system; high speed ground transportation. Other developed countries have it, but we do not. A.N.T.S. operates fast and safe above the surface and will not encounter road crossings or obstacles on the tracks. It is environmentally friendly too. Access to this energy, communication and passenger transportation system should be available to every state on the continent.

Economics: A national integrated high speed ground transportation system is needed in this country for many of the same reasons the interstate highway system was developed.  It is way overdue!  A.N.T.S. will help businesses of all sizes to grow and that means jobs and money in our pockets to spend and invest. It will bring competition to other transportation systems too and that is good for the consumer and business.  The energy component can collect and distribute renewable and traditional created energy and we can have a true national energy grid; which we do not currently have. Finally, almost all of us desire faster, consistent, and lower network  communication  costs. Don't you? Think about it.